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Grayling Fishing

Fishing Breaks has great fly fishing for grayling on seven rivers in five counties: Berkshire, Gloucestershire, Hampshire, Wiltshire and Yorkshire

Our rivers   


As the trout season draws to a close the grayling come into their own. As the leaves fall from the trees and autumn turns to winter, amidst the spawning trout grayling are fascinating creatures with their different quirks and habits.

For decades grayling were considered something of a pest and river keepers were instructed to remove them. However, we happily live in more enlightened times where the grayling is rightly regarded as the fourth game fish, for many an equal to the salmon, brown trout and sea trout.

Despite the winter rains the chalkstreams will generally run clear, perfect for sight fishing with Red Tags, the Grayling Witch, Shrimp patterns and Killer Bugs for the "lady of the river". Our grayling beats open from October to mid-March.

Avon Springs
Bullington Manor
Coln St Aldwyns
Donnington Grove
Mulberry Whin
Upavon Farm
Upper Clatford
(River Avon)
(Upper Test)
(River Coln)
(River Lambourn)
(River Frome)
(Driffield Beck)
(River Avon)
(River Anton)
(River Blackwater)
Oct 14 – Mar 14
Oct 14 – Jan 31
Oct 01 – Mar 14
Oct 14 – Mar 14
Oct 16 – Mar 14
Oct 01 – Feb 28
Oct 15 – Feb 28
Oct 01 – Dec 31
Oct 14 – Mar 14

Our Rivers

River Test Bullington Manor

Sight fishing in gin-clear water across all four beats


River Test Upper Clatford

Gin clear and well sheltered


River Frome Ilsington

Home to the current British grayling record


River Avon Avon Springs

Just downstream of Frank Sawyer’s home and Avon beats


River Lambourn Donnington Grove

One of the best grayling chalkstreams you will find


River Avon Upavon Farm

The all wading beat in Sawyer country


River Coln Coln St Aldwyn

Gloucestershire’s top grayling river


Driffield Beck Mulberry Whin

This Yorkshire chalkstream might one day produce a UK record grayling


River Blackwater Woodington

Plenty of variety with twists, turns and deep pools



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