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The Mill
Heathman Street
Nether Wallop
Hampshire SO20 8EW
T: 01264 781988
F: 01264 782590


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Tuition & Courses

Nether Wallop Mill nestles at the head of the Test valley, beside the burbling Wallop Brook where it has been the home of our fly fishing school for nearly fifteen years.

Created by the legendary Dermot Wilson in the late 1960’s literally thousands of would-be fly fishers have cast a line and caught their first fish at The Mill. As far as I know it remains the only place in England solely dedicated to fly fishing tuition.


In broad terms the season runs from April to October during which time we run a variety of courses and days that are hosted by resident instructors John Stephens, Alan Middleton Tony King and Mark Bedford-Russell.

If you are a complete novice I would recommend either the Foundation Course or Half Day Taster. Private Tuition is ideal if you prefer individual coaching or have a group of your own. The Chalkstream Course is a good choice if you have some fly fishing experience. Visit the Children & family section for the the Father and SonFamily Days and Kids Camp.

The village of Nether Wallop is in Hampshire, nine miles to the west of Winchester and just fifteen miles from the M3. The train to London Waterloo is one hour. We are open every day of the season April to October, for individuals or small groups. No experience is required; novices are very welcome with all the equipment provided.

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dogs allowed Cabin rating
5 stars

Rail Station9m

Acommodation 7m


"Great venue for my 'taster' session. ”   “Fantastic day. Lovely setting with excellent tutoring. ”    “The patience of the instructor coupled with the beauty and tranquillity of The Mill.”

  Ratings explained

Foundation Courses


The Foundation Courses are ideal for novices or anyone returning to fly fishing after a break. The Courses are run from April to October, all the equipment is provided and group sizes are kept small (four pupils) to ensure maximum individual coaching.

This is a very practical course, where we aim to get a rod in your hand and fishing with confidence in the shortest time possible. Here is a brief, but far from exhaustive list, of the topics that will be covered:


• Selecting the right tackle
• Tackling up
• Casting; overhead, roll cast and shooting the line
• Fly lines, knots and tippets
• Flies and fly selection
• Hooking and landing a fish

Each day runs from 9.30am-5.30pm, with a break for lunch. There is a fully equipped Fishing Cabin at the fly fishing school and a wide choice of local accommodation in Stockbridge, just four miles away.

Location: Nether Wallop Mill

 Season: April 1 - October 31

One Day Foundation Course £195

2016: April 23. May 22. June 11. July 15. September 11.
Dates on request for groups of 3+

Price per person for a full day (9.30am-5.30pm) to include all fishing charges, tuition, licence and tackle.


Half Day Taster


If a full day is more than you want or if you just have a fancy trying your hand at fly fishing this might just be ideal for you.

Run along the same lines as the Foundation Course this is an opportunity to spend a morning or afternoon under the guidance of a patient instructor with all the tackle provided.

The Taster days are run on a variety dates from April to October. Check the web site for the latest availability.

Location: Nether Wallop Mill

Season: April 1 - October 31

Half Day Taster £125

2016: April 15. May 7/30. June 18/19. July 1/18/19/20/21. August 13. September 9. October 2.Dates on request for groups of 3+.

Price includes all fishing charges, tuition, licence and tackle. 9.30am – 1.00pm or 2.00pm - 5.30pm

Chalkstream Course


As a fishing guide and instructor, one of the questions I am most often asked is whether chalkstream fishing is more difficult than other types of fly fishing. My answer is no but it is distinctly different, so you will need to adapt your strategies and techniques. That in a nutshell is what this day will help you do.

We take the skills you have learnt thus far and adapt them to defeat the considerably wilier river trout. You will alter your casting, rig your rod and line differently, have a whole new boxful of flies, be more observant of fly hatches and take your cue from the prevailing weather conditions.

You will find it a fascinating and interesting day.

The group is limited to just four, fishing a beat at Bullington Manor on a tributary of the famous River Test. Our highly experienced Fishing Guide, Alan Middleton, will lead the day , which will cover all of the following with plenty of time dedicated to fishing itself.

• Tackling up for rivers
• Nymph vs. dry fly
• Tactics for brown trout vs. grayling
• What flies and when to use them
• Entomology in a nutshell
• Stalking and river tactics

Each day runs from 9.30am-5.30pm, with a break for lunch. There is a fully equipped Fishing Cabin at Bullington Manor and a wide choice of local accommodation in Stockbridge, just six miles away.

Location: Bullington Manor

 Season: April 15 - September 30

Chalkstream Course £225

2016: May 4. June 17. July 29.
Dates on request for groups of 3+

Price is per person for a full day (9.30am-5.30pm) to include all fishing charges, tuition, licence and tackle.

Private Tuition


For those who prefer individual coaching, our instructors are available by the day.

The coaching will be at our fly fishing school at Nether Wallop Mill, on any date to suit, mid-week or weekend. You will be able to fish on both the lake and the Wallop Brook.

A private lesson may be shared with a friend or bring a small group. If you want to make use of the BBQ to cook the catch you’ll be very welcome!

All tackle is provided.


Location: Nether Wallop Mill

Season: April 1 - October 31

Private tuition for 1: £295
Private tuition for 2: £375
Private tuition for 3: £450
Private tuition for 4: £525
Private tuition for 5: £600
Private tuition for 6: £675

Prices are for a full day (9.30am-5.30pm) to include all fishing charges, tuition, licence and tackle.

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