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Welcome to the English chalkstreams

The glorious English summer. Who invented such a wonderful thing? Cool mornings beside the dappled stream. The shaded brook providing relief for both fish and fisher in the afternoon heat. And then still evenings. Clouds of delicate spinners silhouetted against the setting sun before diving at the goldening river surface to deposit one last string of eggs. It is a scene a million years or more in the making of which we just see a single, amazing fragment.


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The chalkstreams range from the famous rivers Test and Itchen in Hampshire across the other counties from Dorset in the west to Yorkshire in the north, plus the similar but subtly different limestone rivers of Derbyshire and Gloucestershire.

Every river (we have over fifteen) is very special in its own right and you will find a description, photos, location map, video and prices for each, plus my unique Tranquillity and Difficulty rating.Look out for the beats that have my Exclusive to Fishing Breaks tag, which are only available through us.

Here at Nether Wallop Mill, in the heart of Hampshire, I host our Private tuition & Courses plus Children and Family days from April to October. Everyone is welcome and with a beautiful thatched cabin overlooking a gin-clear, well stocked trout lake this has to be the most wonderful place to catch your first ever fish.

There are various ways to book: the on-line system shows up-to-the minute availability. Alternatively do give me a call or drop me an email as I am always happy to discuss the options if you are undecided.

Finally if you are browsing the site with a birthday, anniversary or special occasion in mind, I’d point you in the direction of our gift vouchers. I have set a standard that few match in terms of breadth of choice, ease of use and a ground-breaking two years in which to use them.

I hope a great fishing trip is about to begin.

Best wishes!

Simon Cooper


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