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Press articles

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Trout & Salmon – November 2018

Rainbows – good or bad?

Trout & Salmon – October 2018

Simon on harsh times for grayling

Trout & Salmon – September 2018

Take the chalkstream challenge

Trout & Salmon – Autumn 2018

When the locals go fishing

Trout & Salmon – August 2018

Simon Cooper discusses the Mop Fly in Chalk Talk

Trout & Salmon – July 2018

Simon Cooper examines the flies for the evening rise in Chalk Talk

Trout & Salmon – June 2018

Simon Cooper on when Mayfly easy is too easy in Chalk Talk

The Field - July 2017

Simon Cooper picks his top ten chalkstream flies

The Field - April 2017

Simon Cooper on why you should never linger in bed

The Times – November 12th 2016

Angling correspondent Brian Clarke is unimpressed by the Mop Fly.

The Times – October 22nd 2016

Anglers can clean up with ‘mop’ fly that fish find irresistible but where is the fun in that?

The Wall Street Journal – October 14th 2016

Fly fishing renegades are cleaning up in competitions—with kitchen mops

Fieldsports Magazine – Summer 2015

Read how editor Marcus Janssen lifted the trophy at his first attempt

The Field – May 2015

Fishing after dark. Read Simon Cooper tale of a night on the river

Trout and Salmon - May 2015

In search of wild 5lb trout on the River Frome.

Trout and Salmon - June 2014

Editor Andrew Flitcroft charts his two attempts at the One Fly.

Weekend Telegraph May 2014

Simon Cooper tells of how good came from the winter floods

Country Life – March 2014

A look at FM Halford, father on dry fly fishing, on the 100th anniversary of his death

Irish Country Sports and Country Life – Spring 2014

Simon Cooper ponders on why we fly fish and in particular the 100th anniversary of the death of F M Halford, father of modern dry fly fishing.

Trout & Salmon - December 2013

Editor Andrew Flitcroft picks his” Wish you were here?” chalkstream

Country Life – July 2013

David Profumo visits Cotton’s Fishing Temple on the River Dove

Country Life – June 2013

Editor Mark Hedges tells of a great day on the River Kennet

The Vintage Magazine - September 2012

Where the Bright Waters meet - Fishing Heaven.

Wiltshire magazine - August 2012

Catching the evening rise on the River Nadder

Fieldsports magazine – Spring 2012

Simon Cooper on the magic of Mayfly

Dr. Jasmin Fisher visits from Germany - September 2011

In German

Mail on Sunday – June 2011

Chris Tarrant on his winning day and winning ways.

Total Fly fisher– July 2011

About the 2011 River Test One Fly contest.

FieldSports – Summer 2011

About the 2011 River Test One Fly contest.

Fly Fishing & Fly Tying – July 2011

A member of the winning 2011 River Test One Fly team shows you how to tie the fly he used.

The Field Magazine – May 2011

"Learn In The Cradle Of Fly Fishing" at Fishing Breaks!

FieldSports – Spring 2011

Fishing Breaks founder Simon Cooper's article "The Only Ten Flies You Will Ever Need"

Far & Away – November 2010

Adrian Delnevo celebrates a day at Bullington Manor

Waterlog - November 2010

Chris Sandford ties the flies and fishes the fly for The Dream Team

Fly Fishing & Fly Tying – October 2009

A Guides eye view of the 2009 River Test One Fly

The Field Magazine – July 2009

Editor Jonathan Young recounts with great hilarity the how his team lifted the trophy.

Country Life Magazine – May 2009

David Profumo tells all from the River Test One Fly competition

Hampshire County Magazine – March 2009

The county boasts about its famous River Test

The Field Magazine December 2008

Robert Jarman picks his trout fishing ‘Objects of Desire’

Trout and Salmon Magazine May 2008

Andy Anderson on the famous Halford water

Country Life Magazine May 2008

Country Life editor Mark Hedges spills the beans

Financial Times January 2008 - 2.5mb

Fear of Flying – The FT’s Richard Donkin tells why he is fishing the River Test One Fly in April.

The Guardian Newspaper - May 2007 - 1.8mb

The Guardian’s Ian Katz takes the One Day Foundation Course at Nether Wallop Mill with surprising results.

The Field Magazine - May 2006 - 11.7mb

Buy a Chalkstream Day – The Field show where to book a day in paradise.

TV & video

CHALK The Movie - 2017

Watch the trailer

Autumn grayling magic - 2016

Glorious autumn on the chalkstreams

Homage to a chalkstream summer - 2016

A perfect summer day on the river

Chalkstreams from the air

Our rivers as you have never seen them before

River Test One Fly – 2013 2014 2015

See the leading chalkstream anglers and guides in action

The Game Fisher’s Diary ‘Put to the Test’ – May 2010

Rae Borras experiences the very best of chalkstream fishing at Bullington Manor.

The Game Fisher’s Diary ‘Just One Fly’ – April 2010

Watch the highs and lows of the 2010 River Test One Fly


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